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Fire OG THCA Flower

Fire OG is an indica dominant (70% indica/30% sativa) hybrid cannabis strain that was created by crossing OG Kush with San Fernando Valley OG Kush and is a highly sought out strain by connoisseurs who love kush varieties. The aroma of Fire OG is pleasantly citrusy, woody, and spicy with a flavor that is similar to its fragrance with an herbal undertone that also arises on the backend. This strain is among the most powerful of the OG Kush family with THC levels ranging from 20 to 25% on average. Fire OG provides users with cerebral stimulation that will get your creative juices flowing as waves of euphoria wash over you. With this comes a heavily relaxing body high that can leave you couch locked or ready to head to bed.

Cannabinoid: THCA

Form: Trimmed

Flavor: Citrus, Woody, Spicy

Effect: Indica Dominant

Grown: Indoor

Potency: 20 - 25% 

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