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Savor the exquisite Animal Mint Cookie strain boasting a rich 23.2% THCA concentration. This hybrid, born from the celebrated cross of Animal Cookies and Wedding Cookie, is tailored for those who appreciate a profound sensory journey. Enjoy the delicate interplay of mint, vanilla, and blue cheese flavors that culminate in an experience that’s both exhilarating and engaging, perfect for social settings or personal reflection. Ideal for alleviating discomfort and enhancing well-being, Animal Mint Cookie is a true connoisseur’s choice, meticulously crafted by Seed Junky Genetics with the dominant limonene terpene enriching its aromatic bouquet.

Cannabinoid: THCA

Form: Trimmed

Flavor: Cheese, Mint, Vanilla

Effect: Hybrid, Indica Dominant

Grown: Indoor

Potency: 18 - 24%

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