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OG Kush is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain thought to be a cross of the iconic Chemdog and Hindu Kush strains however the actual lineage is unknown due to breeder secrecy. These flowers have a classic sour citrus flavor with notes of woody pine. The aroma is very similar, with a spicy kush overtone that's accented by sour citrus, woody pine that's pungent and earthy. OG Kush flowers have rounded grape-shaped forest green buds with long, thin orange hairs, golden undertones and a coating of tiny, crystal trichomes.

Cannabis Strain Information:
Cultivar: 55/45 Sativa/Indica

Potency: 20 - 26% THC
Lineage: Chemdog X Hindu Kush

Chromosome: Feminized
Aroma:  Citrus, Earthy, Herbal

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