For decades, hemp had been listed as a Controlled Substance, lumped alongside marijuana and other intoxicating substances. However, on December 20th, 2018, the President of the United States signed the 2018 Farm Bill. Moving forward, hemp has been placed under the supervision of the Department of Agriculture, and is now categorized as an agricultural commodity.


Note: You must have a valid Department of Agriculture license

in your state to legally germinate the seeds we sell.

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Sour Blueberry Kush

Sour Blueberry Kush Seeds

Mountain Mango

Mountain Mango S1 Feminized Hemp Seeds

Quick Kush

Quick Kush S1 Feminized Hemp Seeds

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine S1 Feminized Hemp Seeds

Oregon Hemp Seeds

Oregon Hemp Grain/Fiber Seeds

Hemp Grain Seed

Hemp Grain Seed