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Hella Jelly is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing Very Cherry and Notorious THC. As its name implies, Hella Jelly has a sweet and fruity cherry berry flavor with notes of sugary grapes and tropical mango jelly. The aroma is quite similar, with a tropical mango overtone accented by hints of fresh fruity strawberries and a punch of sour citrus when it is burned. The buds are small and fat, rounded and bright neon green with golden undertones, red-orange hairs and a coating of tiny, crystal trichomes.

Cannabis Strain Information:
Cultivar: 70/30 Sativa/Indica

Potency: 30%+ THC
Lineage: Very Cherry X Notorious THC

Chromosome: Feminized
Aroma:  Citrus, Fruity, Tropical

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