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IHAM, New Products, Technical Issues

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Welcome to our first blog post at!

This week we attended the first annual International Hemp Auction and Market. We met a lot of really great growers with some excellent hemp and made some wonderful new business contacts. However, many sellers were disappointed by what was billed as, " The Largest Hemp Auction in the World." Attendance was low, and the bids were even lower, leaving many farmers feeling very frustrated. The harvest season glut is real, though many fervently deny it. The best advice we can give anyone who is struggling to sell their crops at this time is to dry and store it properly. Wait for the market to rebound next spring. Rest assured that the market will recover as consumer demand for hemp products is only going to continue to grow.

While we were at IHAM this week we met up with the owners of Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company. Their company is dedicated to producing the highest quality feminized seeds. I am pleased to announce our upcoming partnership with them and the following additions to our catalog (Coming Soon):

Mountain Mango - Planted in over 40 states across the US in 2019! This strain has produced winning crops from California to Maine. The large flowers combine high CBD content with a fruity taste and scent.

Cherry Wine - The most widely planted high-CBD hemp cultivar in the US last year! These S1 seeds come from "Bohdi's Cut" , the strain's creator. This ensures that your crop will be a replication of the phenotype created from the original cross.

Quick Kush - This new proprietary strain matures early and produces a super-tasty 'kush' like flower perfect for the preroll or dried-flower market. The buds are deeply structured with large crystal coated calyxes and an unmatched dank fragrance.

Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company produces consistent and stable high CBD genetics in environmentally controlled indoor grow rooms. Each strain is produced at a separate location to ensure pure seed batches that produce stable and consistent phenotypes in the field.

The good folks over at Wix technical support are having quite a bit of trouble resolving a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable error. This error is occurring whenever we try to share new posts from our forum to various social media platforms. Hopefully they'll get the bug under control soon but we've created this blog as a sort of work around and just in case they don't!

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Nov 23, 2019


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