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Benefits of Hemp Grain Seed:
Rich in quality oils like omega 6 and 3.
Perfect for processing into hemp hearts or sprouting for hemp microgreens.
Hemp seeds are known to be High in Protein and Essential Fatty Acids, among other great nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
The whole hemp seed contains 34% Carbohydrates, 31% Fat, and 23% Protein. 
Its protein is composed of a healthy assortment of amino acids essential to life. 
The oils are the richest source of the Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) Omega6 & Omega 3. 
This nutritional value of the hemp seeds make them excellent for human and animal consumption. 
The whole seeds can be processed further to remove the outer shell or to press them for the oil. 
After pressing, the remaining seed meal can be ground into a flour or protein powder.

American Hemp Grain

Viable Hemp Grain Seed

The main difference between this Hemp Grain Seed and our Oregon Hemp Grain is the yield and value you will get from them. Oregon Hemp Grain is first generation and will therefore produce higher quality grain. This Hemp Grain Seed is great for use in your recipes or sprouting for microgreens!

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