Topanga Cookies is a feminized hybrid of two elite cannabis strains—Topanga Canyon OG and Animal Cookies. This Indica-dominant cultivar brings together the best qualities of OG and Cookies, offering a generous yield of potent, flavorful buds.
To create Topanga Cookies, the elite Animal Cookies clone was used to pollinate Topanga Canyon OG. The resulting hybrid—Topanga Cookies—produces a variety of plants that retain the superior characteristics of both OG and Cookies. Some plants may share the massive yield and lemon-fuel aroma of Topanga Canyon OG, and others may share the exotic color and sweet-and-sour zest of Animal Cookies.

Cannabis Strain Information:
Potency: 25%+ THC
Lineage: Topanga Canyon OG X Animal Cookies
Chromosome: Feminized

Aroma: Citrus, Gas, Sour, Sweet