THC O Chewy Flowers

Strain Information:
Type:  Hybrid
Lineage:  Wookies x F1
Aroma:  Cinnamon, Chamomile, Sweet
Feeling:  Relief, Relax, Calm


Cannabinoid Profile & Potency levels:
15.6% CBDA
7% THC O (70 MG per gram)
1% CBN (10 MG per gram)
0.272% Total THC (Legal limit is 0.3%)
No detectable delta 9 THC (Legal limit is 0.3%)

Chewy Flowers:

THC O infused Chewy Hemp Flower now available from PSNet! In addition to high levels of caryophyllene and 70mg/g of THC O potency, this hybrid variety is finished off with a light dusting of CBN isolate to product Indica leaning effects. What makes THC O so different is the tiny "Acetate" molecule that's sent to your CB1 receptors once its been ingested or smoked. While many describe THC O as a very spiritual and introspective feeling, it may also be the ideal cannabinoid for treating ailments such as intense nausea or chronic pain.