To make Hempcrete, all that’s needed is some hemp hurds, lime binder, and water.

A basic hempcrete recipe is 4-1-1.

Four parts industrial hemp hurd, to one part lime based binder, to one part water. Changing the ratio of lime binder to hemp varies the strength and thermal properties of the hempcrete.

CALCIDUR ® is a Natural Hydraulic Lime EN 459-1 - NHL 2 CALCIDUR ® is produced from heating limestone in a shaft kiln. Natural Hydraulic Limes are made today in much the same way as they have been for centuries. Natural Hydraulic Limes have unique qualities that have been tested by time and cannot be equaled.

Because of their composition and performance characteristics, Natural Hydraulic Limes are the ideal product for binding Hempcrete.

55 Pounds of Hempcrete Binder - $49.99

Also known as hemp shives or hemp core fiber, the woody inner part of the hemp stalk is what's left over when the bark fiber is removed.

These inner core fibers of hemp are woody and often used in industrial applications.

The fibers look a lot like wood chips, but they are very absorbent and lightweight.

Hemp Hurds

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323+ - 3.49 each

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