Hemp sliver is untwisted drawn out fibers. It is designed for blending, spinning, arts and crafts, and paper making. Ideal for any small fiber business, hand spinners as well as novelty/exotic gifts.

Also known as "Plumbers Hemp", it can be used to help seal pipes. Long hemp sliver is the step just before spinning and is used in twine, yarn, cordage, textiles, paper, webbing and household goods.

At the end of this product's life, the hemp fabric is 100% biodegradable, unlike synthetic fabrics or tanned leather. This product is offered in quantities of Kilograms.

Hemp Silver

One Kilo of Hemp Silver - $44.99

11 - 160 Kilos - $34.99 each

161+ - $29.99 each

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Fiber Length: > 70-100mm (4-5 inches)
Material: 100% Hemp A grade
Color: Natural Undyed
Origin: China
Volume: 16" inches squared

(about the size of a standard beach ball)
NOTES: Also known as roving hemp.