Double Dip is a feminized hybrid of Wedding Cake and Animal Cookies—two of the finest dessert-themed strains ever created. This cultivar blends the best traits of Kush and Cookies to create a connoisseur-grade strain that growers, as well as consumers, love. The extreme trichome production of Double Dip makes it an excellent choice for hash makers and extractors, and its sugary sweet aroma and powerful effects are sure to keep users coming back for more.
To create Double Dip, the award-winning phenotype of Wedding Cake was pollenated with the rare, clone-only cut of Animal Cookies. Double Dip produces a variety of phenotypes that offer the best traits of Cookies and Kush. Some plants may share the large yield and sweet aroma of Wedding Cake, and others may present the sweet-and-sour tang of Animal Cookies. Due to its Triangle Kush and Fire OG ancestors, some phenotypes may present the growth structure and aroma of OG Kush.

Cannabis Strain Information:
Potency: Up to 25%+ THC
Lineage: Wedding Cake X Animal Cookies
Chromosome: Feminized

Aroma: Dank, Sour, Sweet