Our degummed hemp fiber is raw hemp fiber which has been processed to remove the lignin. Lignin is a compound in the hemp plant fibers that holds the fibers together and gives the hemp stalks their strength and rigidity. When this lignin is removed from the fibers, they begin to separate, becoming softer and finer. These fibers are now thin enough for spinning alone or blending with other fibers. Degummed hemp fiber is soft absorbent and may be used as a natural stuffing for upholstery, pillows, stuffed animals, insulation, and much more!

Ideal for any small fiber business, hand spinners and as novelty/exotic gifts.
At the end of this product’s life, the hemp fabric is 100% biodegradable, unlike synthetic fabrics or tanned leather.

Degummed Fiber

One Kilo of Degummed Fiber - $44.99