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Cherry Bomb, a 50/50 evenly balanced hybrid cannabis strain with a robust 22.9% THCa. This vibrant strain is a harmonious blend of the Sativa Hawaiian Cherry Bomb and the Indica California Cherry Bomb. The effects are delightfully balanced as well, offering a sense of calm and rejuvenation, rather than an overwhelming surge of energy. Those who’ve tried Cherry Bomb often describe feeling more present, uplifted, and even a touch whimsical. Perfect for a mid-afternoon break or early evening relaxation, its flavor sings of sweet cherries with a subtle earthy undertone. While the strain is gentle on the senses, it’s essential to take it easy and ensure you stay hydrated, as overindulgence may lead to a slight dryness in the mouth. Enjoy and savor the cherry-infused journey that Cherry Bomb promises. Patients use this strain for conditions such as debilitating or chronic pain, mood disorders, lack of energy, glaucoma, lethargy, or for just a fast pick me up. 

Cannabinoid: THCa

Form: Trimmed

Flavor: Cherry, Fruit, Sweet

Effect: Indica Hybrid

Grown: Indoor

Potency: 19 - 24%

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