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Cake N’ Chem is a first-rate cannabis strain that displays a host of desirable qualities. Cake N’ Chem combines the unrivaled bag appeal and sweet scent of Wedding Cake with the pungent skunk-funk and energizing effects of Stardawg, creating a truly unique cultivar.

This hybrid brings together the sweet, doughy scent of Wedding Cake with the pungent, skunky bouquet of Stardawg, creating a sweet-and-funky scent that is delightfully complex. This hybrid emits vanilla and cake batter notes mixed with bitter undertones of kerosene, pine, and damp soil.

Cannabis Strain Information:
Potency: 25%+ THC
Lineage: Wedding Cake X Stardawg

Chromosome: Regular
Aroma: Sweet, Skunk, Pine

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