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Bison Breath is a hybrid of Motorbreath No. 15 and Stardawg. This strain offers hardy growth and a plentiful yield. Bison Breath brings together the qualities of Kush and Chem, providing rich flavor, eye-catching bag appeal, and a balanced high.

This premium hybrid produces a range of phenotypes that exemplify the treasured qualities of Chemdawg and OG Kush. Some phenotypes may yield the dense buds and hard-hitting potency of Motorbreath No. 15, and others may offer the vigorous growth and exceptional yield of Stardawg. Most plants will present a combination of these valuable traits.

Cannabis Strain Information:
Potency: Up to 28% THC
Lineage: Motorbreath 15 X Stardawg

Chromosome: Regular
Aroma: Lemon, Pine, Gas


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