To ensure purity, their source hemp is 100% federally legal. That means it has to meet exacting standards. During product creation, internal labs guarantee the quality of the cannabis. Once produced, third party labs verify product standards. Packages sport a QR-code linking to lab results for each source hemp batch. 8Delta8 assures users that only the best of their wares is being sold.

Delta8 THC is all the rage. That’s because it gives users the benefits of THC but without causing the anxiety or paranoia that some consumers experience. Delta8 is great for easing nausea and pain. It also stimulates the appetite too. 

Offering guaranteed purity and quality equates to high customer satisfaction. Consumers can be confident that their goods are also safe and reliable. They are getting top quality oil free from additives. The company stakes its reputation on making and marketing merchandise buyers can trust.

8Delta8 Delta 8-THC Products

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