For quality, 3Chi makes many of their own cannabis extracts. Sometimes, they do source them from reputable labs. Partner labs, led by PHD-level scientists, use only the best equipment. The company uses a certified testing facility in Arizona to examine their extracts. Testing occurs before hemp extracts are even processed into merchandise. From start to finish, 3Chi stands behind the quality of their cannabinoid products.

Delta8 THC gives users the benefits of THC but without causing the anxiety or paranoia that some consumers experience. Delta8 is great for easing nausea and pain. It also stimulates the appetite too. 


3Chi named their brand after the Chinese term for life force. They believe that CBD and other cannabinoid products address the needs of a user’s mind, body, and spirit. Rebalancing mental and physical function through cannabinoid dosing is their mission. They achieve their ends by a variety of means.

A biochemist with 15 years of CBD experience founded 3Chi. The company does a lot of minor cannabinoid research, besides creating straight CBD merchandise. Other cannabinoids help exploit the hemp plant’s entourage effect. This boosts the efficiency of CBD. They test different formulas combining hemp, cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabis compounds. Ongoing research and development enables 3Chi to make and market better CBD products.

3Chi Delta 8-THC Products

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